Thank you again, we really appreciate you choosing us to take care of your vehicle.   We have a lot of extra capacity for parking so at anytime, except December holidays, we will always have sufficient parking for your vehicle. Over December holidays it pays to book a week in advance, but please always check by making a call to 065 834 7663 in holiday times.

Please call rather than SMS or Whats app as this number is switched from the office at 18h00 to the PM Supervisor and when last car is safely delivered it is switched to AM Supervisor. Then in the morning this number reverts to the office at 07h00. This way the phone is manned 24 hours a day, even if the stand-by duty person is sleeping this will wake the correct person up.

  • If you have made an on-line booking during Office hours you will be receiving (anytime between 5 minutes and 3 hours from now) in your e-mail, a confirmation letter with detailed instructions on where to drop your car, with who and what you must look out for. If you need assistance sooner , please call 065 834 7663.
  • If you have made an on-line booking after hours and you want to drop your vehicle off very early and the confirmation e-mail will be to late, then please call 065 834 7663 and then please call again when you are 20 minutes away from the airport
  • Our on-duty drivers and the shift Supervisor are between 8 and 15 minutes away from the Airport, at worst. This ensures we can get a driver to welcome you, do the proper paperwork, help you with your baggage and get you on your way with the minimum of fuss and a “Bon Voyage” wish just as long as you make the calls, THANK YOU.
  • REMEMBER:                                                                                           YOUR BOOKING IS CONFIRMED
  • All of the detailed guidelines,  instructions, pricing, specials, discounts and terms and conditions are available here on the web-site as well as in the confirmation letter. You will always be able to find what you need to know.

PLEASE! If you need to cancel your booking, or you are going to be early or late, PLEASE call 065 834 7663. This will help us so much with planning and not leaving a driver at the airport waiting for nothing, or we can get a driver to the airport to meet you very quickly.

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